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Available Courses

  • This interactive instructional program will help you acquire fundamental knowledge about the science of behavior. Click here for more information, including the learning objectives. Click here to learn about the potential uses and the design of the tutorials.
  • These 12 tests are a good way to see where you stand concerning your knowledge of basic behavioral principles. These tests may help you identify areas for additional study, possibly as you prepare for the examination to achieve certification in behavior analysis. Each test covers a unit of content taught by the ABOUT BEHAVIOR ANALYSIS tutorials (see ABASETS in the list of tutorials).
  • New visitors may start here to experience how instruction at this site works and to be introduced to the science of behavior. These five tutorials explain what behavior analysis is and what a "contingency of reinforcement" is.
  • Very few people talk about curtailing the world trends of overpopulation, overconsumption, pollution, and the threat of nuclear warfare. Even fewer people do much about it. These tutorials explain why. They also point to the important roles of scholars, writers, scientists, and teachers in saving the world by correcting current trends. The tutorials address related barriers including governments, religions, the accumulation of wealth, and limited understanding of the science of behavior. These tutorials draw significantly from a seminal paper written by B. F. Skinner shortly before his death.
  • Sample these 3 tutorials for free. Each tutorial takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. If you like what you experience here, subscribe to the complete set immediately below.
  • The first 3 tutorials can be sampled above for free. These tutorials teach the implications of a science of behavior. Freedom of action is defined from a scientific point of view. The science of behavior leads to more effective methods of behavior management, but in doing so it raises ethical issues. The critical issue of where behavior begins (i.e., what causes behavior) is carefully explained. At the end of these tutorials, the user will be able to broadly explain why people behave as they do, explain the significance of current cultural traditions, and explain how a science of behavior can help to solve the behavioral problems of daily living and world trends. Each of the 63 tutorials takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. This tutorial borrows significantly from B. F. Skinner's book BEYOND FREEDOM AND DIGNITY. Click here for an outline of the concepts and learner objectives addressed in these tutorials.
  • These tutorials discuss various issues important in our daily lives. They demonstrate how a behavior analytic interpretation can clarify how we might live happier lives. Some of the diverse range of topics addressed by these tutorials include Procreation, Vegetarianism, Skinner's Aircrib, Teaching with Computers, the Importance of Solitude, Things Versus People, the Devil, and Tolerance.