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About the tutorials:

Overview: A new kind of learning experience is about to happen to you. You are going to learn by actively participating rather than passively reading, watching videos, or listening alone. What you experience will be a series of brief screen presentations. You will pass from one screen presentation to the next only by typing words that are missing. This will require you to think a little each time and demonstrate that you understand each point. Your struggle to supply the missing word or words will take more effort than passive methods, but this moment of struggling is when deep learning occurs. Extensive scientific research has clearly demonstrated the superiority of this active learning method. The bottom line is that you will learn more thoroughly and recall more of the content than you would by reading text, seeing a video, or listening to a lecture.

What kind of feedback will I get?: (describe formative and summative feedback, describe how instructors can go to “For Instructors” to learn how to get grade reports)

What is programmed instruction?: (brief description with link to more info)

How much do the tutorials cost?: (explain that many are free; some are available at a low cost; some can be purchased for a group of students with your university instructor’s approval; describe how the costs are low to encourage many to learn about ABA; fees are used to cover website maintenance and hosting costs, management of grades and educational credits, and development of additional tutorials)