Tutorial Special Directions

Please read ALL of the important directions below!!! Afterward, you may scroll to the full tutorial menu link at the bottom of this page.

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Special Directions:

Use the correct link! Some tutorials include both a general public access link and one or more special links to courses or workshops that have been customized for specific learning groups from various universities and agencies.

When you are a member of one of the course or workshop groups, take care to only use the assigned link. This will allow the course instructor to receive reports of your progress from the webmaster. Using the public access link will prevent your instructor from receiving reports and you will need to repeat the tutorials using the course link.

When you login, always enter the same name spelling and characters. This will permit your course instructor to identify your work and give you credit.

Always try to work on a laptop or desktop computer with a full keyboard and good screen.  If you work on a smartphone or tablet by tapping the tiny screen with your thumbs your learning progress will be limited.

Silence your mobile device alerts and put them out of reach. Attempting to multitask causes more errors and can result in the program requiring you to restart the tutorial.  To benefit from good instruction, one must carefully manage the learning environment including the removal of distractions.

The tutorial sets require intense concentration and must be done sequentially because the concepts build upon each other. Each frame (window) of content requires you to fill in a missing word or answer a question as it progressively builds your response strength. Thus, this method of instruction requires your close attention to each and every word in frames. Sets of frames should be completed without interruption of any kind. Frames require remembering what has just preceded that frame. You cannot go backwards in the program to search for answers and must respond from developing memory. Because intense concentration is required, plan to do all sets all in a relatively short time frame (allowing for short rest breaks, as needed). Your percent correct score will appear on the screen. If your score falls below a cut off point, you may be automatically returned to the beginning of that set of frames to try again. Users having English as a second language may need to work through tutorials multiple times.

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